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Get your bathroom sparkling clean without the toxic fumes or harsh chemicals. Just safe and natural cleaning products for your bathroom, shower and toilet. Hello Charlie’s range of natural cleaning products includes everything you need to get your bathroom sparkling clean, without harsh fumes or toxic chemicals.

If you’re after a natural bathroom cleaner, we’ve got great multi purpose bathroom cleaners from Abode Cleaning Products, Resparkle, Bon Ami, Ecostore, Koala Eco and Organic Clean.

For a natural toilet cleaner, try Ecostore and Abode. Or you could use a combination of the wonderfully versatile Dr Bronner’s Castile soap and bicarb soda.

For your shower, try the natural shower cleaner from Ecostore, and for soap scum try the Bon Ami, OurEco Home bicarb cleaning past or a combination of Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds and bicarb soda. Works brilliantly on baths and vanities, too! We’ve got lots of choices for natural glass cleaner and mirror cleaners, too, like Koala Eco Glass Cleaner or the Ecostore one.

To keep mould at bay, we love the natural mould cleaner from Vrindavan, Abode and OurEco Home. All of them use natural essential oils to kill mould dead without the toxic ingredients.

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