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Biodegradable Bags

How do you collect your rubbish or compost in the most eco friendly way? Use a biodegradable bag! Our range of compostable bags will break down completely, not just degrade into smaller pieces. They’re all made of plant based materials, independently tested and certified to break down back into the earth.

We’ve got biodegradable nappy bags to help contain the stinky baby messes, and for fur babies we’ve got biodegradable dog poop bags. You can collect your food scraps in a compostable plastic bag, and then just add it straight into your compost instead of into landfill.

If the plastic shopping bag ban has left you wondering what to do about rubbish bags, you’ll find biodegradable bin bags to fit just about every type of bin. If you’re into zero waste living, you’ll find what you need right here at Hello Charlie.

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BioBag Bag Clam


BioBag Bag Clam Ideal to use with BioBag liners Perfect for flats, boats, caravans or any place where space is short Conveniently holds your BioBags up on the wall Manage food waste in any space with a BioBag Bag Clam. They're perfect to use with...

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