All About The New Ere Perez 85 Natural Nail Colours

Posted by Vanessa Layton on 3rd Jan 2018

new ere perez 85 natural nail polish range

Ere Perez have just released their new range of 85 natural nail colours, and let me tell you, they’re good!

Why 85 nail colour? Because 85% of the ingredients in these nail polishes are plant based, from ingredients like avocado, corn, cotton, green tea, potato, green tea, manioc, spinach, silica, wheat and wood pulp.

Ere Perez replaced traditional chemical solvents with vegetable solvents to create this innovative formula of non toxic nail polish.

They’ve even added extra goodness for your nails, like hydrolyzed silk, horsetail extract, Vitamins B, C & E, antioxidants and super greens to boost the health of your nails. These ingredients have been specially chosen for their ability to repair nails and promote growth.

Why choose 10 free nail polish?

It’s simple – they take out the bad stuff! Ere Perez 10 free nail polish doesn’t use:

  1. formaldehyde;
  2. toluene
  3. dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
  4. camphor;
  5. formaldehyde resin;
  6. ethyl tosylamide;
  7. andxyelene
  8. parabens;
  9. fragrances; or
  10. animal ingredients or animal testing

ere perez 10 free nail polish colours

How does Ere Perez natural nail polish stack up?

It’s a high performance, organic nail polish that will give you intense gloss and long wear. It’s quick drying, and there’s even a UV filter to protect your nails.

To get the longest lasting wear, use a base layer of the nutritive nail polish. Do a first layer of colour, allow it to dry, then do another layer for deeper colour. Allow that to dry, then pop on a top coat for ultimate protection. Touch up the tips with top coat every couple of days so that you don’t get wear on the tips.

The new range of safe nail polish has 10 shades, plus the top and base coats. I love the cool names from music and dance styles. My favourite colours are in the image above – folk, waltz, mambo and rock. I also love tango, a bright pop of red; and ballet, which is a soft pink. I’ve been testing out folk, which is a soft lavender/lilac with a grey base that stops it from being too purple.

Keen to get your hands on them (or should I say, get them on your hands?) Shop the range here, or check out some of the colours, below.

Image source: top, Hello Charlie; middle Ere Perez