Kester Black Nail Polish: Why You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On It!

Posted by Vanessa Layton on 7th Feb 2018

We’ve just stocked a new brand of non toxic nail polish and we’re very excited to introduce the range to you.

Meet Kester Black nail polish, your new favourite natural nail colours. (They’re certainly ours!)

Why do we love this brand so much?

Well, first of all, Kester Black is a  10 free nail polish, which means no nasties. It’s also a certified cruelty free and vegan nail polish, so no animals had to suffer in the process of getting these nail polishes onto your fingertips. Guilt free manis are made of this!

Second, Kester Black nail polishes are water permeable and breathable. Unlike lacquer based nail polish, Kester Black gives you a longer lasting manicure and is actually healthier for your nails.

Third, we love Kester Black because we’re in awe of the company’s commitment to their core values and of the many ways they try to make the world a better place.

kester black non toxic nail polish

Why we stock Kester Black

Did I mention that Kester Black is proudly Australian made?

Yes, and they’re committed to sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local suppliers.

Kester Black doesn’t use palm oil in any of their products and have never used xylene, TPHP, or ethyl tosylamide in their nail polish.

They use 100% renewable energy, donate 2% of their revenue to charities, and are a non discriminatory, gender neutral brand.

No wonder, then, that Kester Black is a Certified B Corp. In fact, in 2017, they were recognised as one of the Best in the World at leaving a positive social footprint. Impressive!

How does Kester Black nail polish stack up?

Kester Black non toxic nail polish dries fast and lasts 5 to 7 days without chipping. The French brushes are curved to the shape of your nail. This makes application so easy – two strokes and you’re done! It really is the best natural nail polish. 

But what really sets Kester Black apart from other non toxic nail polishes are the colours. We love the wide range of classic and on-trend shades. There’s definitely something here for everyone! My favourites are Cherry Pie (a showstopping red), Quartz(an award winning greyish purple), Original Detox (a deep aqua), and In The Buff (a classic nude made in collaboration with Melbourne’s very own Trophy Wife).

After you’ve picked out your shades, don’t forget to check out the water based  natural nail polish remover (with aloe vera and vitamin E), nail polish remover wipes (100% cotton), and the top and base coat (for even longer lasting wear).

Curious about Kester Black? Shop the range here, or see some of our picks, below!