Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio is an English brand of reusable cloth nappies that’s one of the best known cloth nappy brands in the world. Their range of reusable nappies are easy to use and wash, and provide a convenient alternative to disposable nappies. Not only are cloth nappies better for the environment, they’ll save you heaps of money, even if you only use a few washable nappies a day.

The Bambino Mio all in one nappies are super easy to use, and work just like a disposable. They adjust to fit, so they’ll work equally well as newborn cloth nappies or as real nappies for your toddler!

The two piece nappy includes the Bambino Mio cover and the Bambino Mio Miosoft insert. There’s also the brilliant Bambino Mio swim nappy for when you take your little one to the pool. And if you’re toilet training, you can’t go past the reusable toilet training pants for toddlers. They prevent little accidents, but still feel wet so your toddler knows they need to get to the toilet.

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