Moltex eco nappies are one of Australia's most popular eco disposable nappies. Made in Germany to the strictest environmental standards, they've won many environmental awards, including 'Green Brand' and International Ecocare awards. Here in Australia, these popular eco nappies are certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia).

All paper used in Moltex eco nappies is FSC certified, and they’re made with 40% renewable materials. There’s no chlorine, latex, dyes or fragrances, so they're safer against your baby's skin. 

They’re designed to fit baby snuggly, with an elastic waistband and legs, so you won’t have to worry about leaks. Moltex eco nappies are a great choice for any parent who is concerned about the environment and about keeping harmful chemicals away from their baby’s skin. 

We can help you choose the right size Moltex eco nappy for your baby or toddler, with the range from newborn right through to XL junior. We've even got sample packs of Moltex nappies to help you choose right fit without committing to a whole pack.

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