Pea Pods

Pea Pods are one of the most popular cloth nappies Australia. Pea Pods reusable nappies are one size nappies, and they come in a great range of colours. These easy to use reusable cloth nappies can be used with the cloth nappy inserts to give an extra absorbency boost. Combine your modern cloth nappies with the Pea Pods bamboo liners to make cleaning up messy nappies a breeze!

Reusable baby wipes will save you a fortune! Pea Pods cloth wipes are soft on baby’s bottom, and come in a handy 10 pack.

If you’re toilet training, you can’t go past the Pea Pods training pants. The soft training pants have a waterproof layer to prevent little ‘accidents’, but they still feel wet to help toddlers learn about going to the toilet.

For breastfeeding mamas, don’t forget the Pea Pods nursing pads. Gentle against sore breasts, these washable breast pads will protect you against leaks.

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