Get your kitchen sparkling and hygienically clean with a natural kitchen cleaner from Hello Charlie. Our low tox range of natural cleaning products will get every part of your kitchen clean without harsh fumes.

We’ve got plenty of choices if you’re looking for a natural dishwashing liquid. Staff favourites are Abode, Kin Kin Naturals and Ecostore. If you’re after a natural dishwasher detergent, try Ecostore or Abode.

Choose a natural stainless steel cleaner from Abode Cleaning Products or Koala Eco and get your stainless steel dishwasher fronts and fridges shiny clean.

Kill germs on benches and chopping boards with a natural disinfectant, or a natural spray cleaner. We love Organic Clean, Resparkle and Our Eco Home, which all use pure essential oils to kill bacteria without harsh fumes or toxic chemicals.

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EcoCoconut Scourer


EcoCoconut Scourer Non scratch Made from sustainably farmed coconut husks Great on hard surfaces Get your dishes and hard surfaces clean with EcoCoconut Scourer. It’s a highly durable multipurpose scourer that has been designed to deliver a...

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EcoCoconut Scourer Scrub Pad


EcoCoconut Scouring Scrub Pad All natural and biodegradable Made from coconut fibres Plastic free This coconut fibre scouring pad from EcoCoconut is made from natural coconut fibres stuck together with a non-toxic adhesive. It stays fresh...

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Ecostore Multi Purpose Kitchen Cleaner


Ecostore Multi Purpose Kitchen Cleaner For a sparkling, streak free clean try this fresh smelling multi purpose kitchen cleaner from ecostore.  Absolutely no nasty chemicals! Antibacterial, and independently tested to kill common household germs...

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Envirosafe The Pantry Moth Trap


Envirosafe Pantry Moth Trap Pesticide free Effective for at least 3 months Attracts moths within 3 metres If you’ve ever had pantry moths, you’ll know how expensive a moth infestation can be! Head them off with the Envirosafe Pantry...

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