Maternity & Breastfeeding

When it comes to maternity and breastfeeding products, we've got you sorted. We've chosen the very best in reusable breast pads, including bamboo breast pads, organic cotton breast pads, hydrogel breast discs and milk saver breast pads like the Haakaa milk collector. 

If you're looking for pregnancy skincare, like natural pregnancy stretch mark cream, try our favourite Weleda stretch mark oil, or the lovely Badger Balm Belly Butter.

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Badger Balm

Badger Belly Butter


Badger Mum Belly Butter USDA certified organic, 100% natural Safe and specially formulated for pregnant women Melts easily with your body heat Relieve discomfort from your dry, tight and growing baby bump with Badger Mum Belly Butter. It's a...

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