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Musical Toys

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Plan Toys

PlanToys Kazoo


PlanToys Kazoo Develops fine motor skills Develops interest in music Non toxic natural materials Wooden musical toys for toddlers should spark your child’s interest in music and the kazoo does just that, thanks to it’s silly noises...

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HABA Rainmaker


HABA Rainmaker  Gentle sound Fascinating beads inside Perfect as a gift The HABA Rainmaker is a beautiful wooden rattle that makes a soft trickling sound as the small beads safely roll around inside. Turn the rainmaker toy so that your...

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Plan Toys

Plan Toys Solid Drum


Plan Toys Solid Drum Beautifully solid wooden drum from Plan Toys - one of their bestselling toys. Different areas of the drum make different sounds, which adds interest to the already wonderfully interesting action of hitting a drum. The drumstick...

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Plan Toys

Plan Toys Clatter


Plan Toys Clatter Click clack, click clack. Make sounds from a gentle rippling rattle to a clattering, clicking crescendo! Make the Clatter's parts clap against each other, and get a rhythm going. Help develop auditory skills, and cognitive...

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