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I am very satisfied with every part of your website, ordering and delivery.
It was easy to find what i was looking for, interesting to read the info provided and shipping was nice and quick.
Ali (November 2018)

Really appreciate the efforts with the product guides you must spend hours preparing!
Ara (November 2018)

Super happy with the order it's for my neice for Christmas and it's important to them that the products are eco friendly, the site was easy to navigate and I appreciated having the children age range making it easier for me to decide what to get her.
Heid (November 2018)

The product was great, my daughter loves it, and arrived really quickly. Thanks very much!
Cath (November 2018)

I Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing service (and free postage too!)…...my delivery arrived safely today.
Ill certainly be back again.Thanks again :)
CH (November 2018)

Great customer service, great range of products. Even got some free samples. Thanks.
Che (November 2018)

Great service. Wonderful range products!
San (November 2018)

Your customer service is exceptional. I was extremely pleased with my purchase - just knowing that it is non toxic is a great relief to me. Your processing and shipping process was really quick an efficient. I loved looking through all the items in your store and have my eye on a couple for future purchases. I would heartedly recommend your store to everyone. 
Jan (30 October 2018)

Super quick delivery and great value for money as I shopped around and compared prices with other stores.would be happy to shop with Hello Charlie again
Ren (October 2018)

Your service was outstanding.The products looks wonderful. The baby is due in a few months time so I will be sure to order more of your products.
Thank you again.
Lav (October 2018)

Yes, very happy with my order and I am so glad I came across your website a few years ago. I can’t remember how but I’m very happy that I did!
I also enjoy reading your articles online, very informative and educational.
Guil (October 2018)

I am very happy with the product and my daughter loves it!!! More than the look and cutest of the product, I'm glad that its safe and eco friendly! I'm glad that there's a store that thinks about their costumers well being and caring for the environment at the same time! Thank you!
Kat (8 October 2018) 

Bought some castile soap and love it. Service was great.
Jan (October 2018)

Hello Christine ♡
I just wanted to let you know that I just received the bottle, thank you
so very much for being so helpful and prompt.
K (24 September 2018)

Very happy customer! The cheat sheets are fantastic & helped me a lot when purchasing products for my baby. Everything I ordered was great & arrived quickly
ST (24 September 2018)

I couldn’t have been happier with the baby mobiles.
Communication was great and kept me informed about the progress of my order, right up to delivery to my door. Delivery time was amazing just under a week.
Wonderful service and product.
Che (23 September 2018)

I love buying here. You can get all the information you need before buying from Vanessa and delivery is fast. I also like their guides for nappies, sun-screens, etc. This is my fourth time this year and I will be buying again from Hello Charlie before 2019.
An (23 September 2018)

Thanks so much for following this up for me. Just confirms why I love purchasing from your website because of the awesome service!
Sop (21 September 2018)

Yes I was very happy with the service and would order again. Thank you.
Cris (18 September 2018)

Thanks so much Christine. You have been a very professional and top class business! The baby shower was perfect and my friend loved the gifts. Thanks again.
Don (17 September 2018)

Yes, thank you - I am a very satisfied customer.
C (16 September 2018)

Everything worked beautifully.
The parcel arrived in a timely manner, I was kept updated re: progress and it arrived intact without being squashed. All very good.
Von (14 September 2018)

I was really impressed with my first order it came so quickly to country WA and your product selection is great!
Kel (September 2018)

I love Hello Charlie. Their products are good, they provide lots of information and prices are ok. They are super fast when shipping unlike other online stores. I have bought from them 4 times this year and will do it again
Ano (September 2018)

So easy to deal with and super informative on their products.
Non (14 September 2018)

Cheat sheets make my life so much easier when buy a product . Fast efficient service, great company fabulous range of products.
Ann (7 September 2018)

Great products, super easy to purchase and ships fast!
Nona (6 September 2018)

Hello Charlie have a great product range that you can trust, knowing they have carefully chosen only non toxic products. The fact sheets are helpful as well. Also the service is fantastic and friendly. I love Hello Charlie!
An (4 September 2018)

Great range and always prompt. Trusted products too
A (2 September 2018)

so easy and fast delivery
Han (2 September 2018)

I'm a first time Grandma, and wanted to find the most environmental option for nappies, and found Hello Charlie's sample pack a wonderful idea. My daughter loves it! Thank you.
RL (31 August 2018)

Hello Charlie has great products, an impressive range and excellent service. Processing and shipping was fast. I’ll certainly be shopping here again.
JX (31 August 2018)

found the site as I'm looking for products that are better for the environment, especially since having my first baby and seeing how much waste is involved
Lin (26 August 2018)

Hello Charlie had the best offer for two baby items (bum cream and hair brush). I got my questions answered quickly via email and received the delivery the day after - pretty impressive!
Also really like the comparative cheat sheets as there are so many products on the market, they have helped me make an informed purchase decision.
Gerald (16 August 2018)

Very excited to order some ecoriginals nappies. I loved that there was an option to get samples because every baby’s bum is a little different.
Postage was swift a quick. Very impressed
C G (1 August 2018)

I am extremely satisfied with your communications while package was in transit - very helpful to know what's going on. Delivery time was fantastic - I wasn't expecting it that quickly!! Yes, the products are wonderful, I am very happy with them and with your service. So far I would rate your business 10/10 in every way. Thank you so much.
Jan (August 2018)

I love the cheat sheets.
I just wanted to say your customer service is excellent and I love Hello Charlie's business model and ethos. I only put an order in last week and it has already arrived this morning. I live rurally on the South Coast of WA and normally things take ages to get here. Just thought I'd pass on the positive feedback and say a big thank you.
T (July 2018) 

I just wanted to say thank you!
I almost bought 4 different large packs of eco nappies just so I could try them. But then, I came across your website and was so happy to see you offer a trial pack of all eco nappies I was looking at! This is so handy!
Thank you so much! What a great idea.
Stef (July 2018)

I also wanted to say that I love the blog and all it stands for. I used to follow Nourished Life before discovering Hello Charlie - I highly recommed your blog to anyone I know and think you do an amazing job. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
A (July 2018)

Super happy
Particularly with time to ship. Living in WA you get used to things taking forever so 10 days from ordering to receiving it is actually pretty good.
Would order again!
Rhian (July 2018)

I swear,i just love you girls and how prompt you are with orders!! I just
wish i had more funds available to buy more!!
Love the benecos translucent powder!!
Keep up the outstanding work!!
K (July 2018)

Great products and great service with in-depth advice that you don't find elsewhere. Vanessa's personal connection to the business really shows with her well researched 'Cheat Sheets' that take a lot of the time and effort out of researching the best natural products on the market. Oh yeah, and the pricing is reasonable too.

Damien C (June 2018)

Excellent service, products and delivery. Fantastic - highly recommended.
Tracey S (June 2018)

I love this shop. They are user friendly and always have what I am looking for. I have shopped several times now and will definitely go back
Sara (June 2018)

Super quick delivery and fantastic safe products and info for my family. We recommend you to our family and friends .
L (June 2018)

Thanks so much. Your team is brilliant and really great customer support!

A big thanks for cheat sheet about nappies, really helped me understand and get to the bottom of what it is all about. I had a totally different perspective until I read the facts.
Div (June 2018)

I love your website!
After becoming pregnant and moving to more natural skin care I really value websites like yours which give a breakdown of all things for our precious babies. The cheat sheet and products are invaluable! The delivery of my goods was perfect and I look forward to continuing to shop with hello Charlie in the future.
Kris (June 2018)

Thanks so much for my order which was delivered today. Such a smooth transaction.
Lin (June 2018)

Very satisfied with the order and love the samples that came with the product!
Wafa (June 2018)

Thankyou for providing a wonderful website. I have just heard about it from a friend. 
And such fast delivery! Looking forward to more shopping with you. 
Miriam (June 2018)

Love this website! I love your cheat sheets, and I love the fact that I could just order sample nappies to try on my babe to see which are best! Can’t wait to try them!
Kate G (June 2018)

Awesome! Really happy I stumbled across hello Charlie. Awesome range of natural products. Will definitely be purchasing more stuff from this site in future. Prompt delivery too
Louisa K (June 2018)

Thank you for the wonderful online shopping experience with Hello Charlie. My purchases arrived quickly and came in considered packaging (minimal and compostable) which is very important to me.
The products are just what I was hoping for; a beautiful, natural brush and comb set for my newborn baby, as well as a few other useful eco items.
I will be ordering from Hello Charlie again!
Jane (June 2018)

Great service
Very quick
Quality products
Thank you :)
SJ (May 2018)

I have never had postage so quick to Darwin, service was great and the product was as described :)
Thankyou very much, I am very happy and would shop with you again!
SP (May 2018)

Great customer service from the Hello Charlie team, would highly recommend!
Em (May 2018)

I was very impressed with the functionality, range and shipping of the products to my house in Perth. Keep up the good work.
S (May 2018)

These emails (cheat sheets) are just fantastic, thank you so much for all your efforts. I save articles to read again and screen shot pieces to further. Thank you! 
Liz (May 2018)

Amazingly informative and great product selection! This website has really helped me navigate my way through all the natural products out there. I will be using this website for myself and my family from now on!
S (May 2018)

I think the products from Hello Charlie were beautiful and the service was great! I contacted your team on a Tuesday PM prior to a baby shower that was being held on the Saturday the coming weekend to check that the items could be delivered in time before I placed the order. The team were incredibly helpful and ensured the order arrived by Friday COB ready for the baby shower on the Saturday. Will definitely use you in future!
Sam (May 2018)

We have been shopping with Hello Charlie for over 2 years now and they are fantastic! Their range, quality and price are second to none, their shipping fees are very reasonable and they offer free pickup which is a breeze!
O (May 2018)

I always order my sons nappies and wipes with Hello Charlie. They have consistently been efficiency, great communication, prompt service and delivery
SJ (March 2018)

I won’t hesitate to buy from Hello Charlie again! Everything from the fantastically informative website to the amazing products and the super speedy service has been superb!
Tammy (March 2018)

Hello Charlie stock fantastic products. Happy customer! 
JC (February 2018)

Since discovering Bambo nappies on Hello Charlie I have been hooked. I now order all the natural products I need through their easy to navigate website. I absolutely love that if you order before 10am they dispatch the same day as often I have left it to the last minute to order nappies! They've been so friendly and helpful when I put an order in after 10am too and still sent it out that same day. Great website with wonderful products and friendly/helpful people.
JB (February 2018)

A beautiful online shop for sustainable and eco friendly toys and items for bubba. I love this. There are some absolutely gorgeous items. Also, their service has been fantastic - on the phone and via email. They are quick to respond and very helpful. When I had an issue with one of the toys I bought they were super helpful with getting it sorted asap.
J Meyer (18 February 2018)

Absolutely loved it ! I got my product with in 1 day and the customer service was exceptional! So lovely and kind. thankyou so much for the speedy delivery
J Young (15 December 2017)

Thank you so much. I received the refund today. Really appreciate your quick and helpful customer service. Will absolutely be recommending your site to friends.
SW (December 2017)

The range at Hello Charlie is so extensive. I found all the items I wanted in one go and happily browsed thereafter.
When I had concerns about a particular product, the team responded quickly with genuine advice and alternatives (despite it being an individual intolerance). They went to great efforts to achieve a positive outcome.
M.B. (30 November 2017)

Love hello Charlie. Great blog and cheat sheets. So helpful for selecting good quality natural products for my family.
Erin C (21 November 2017)

I am a huge fan of Hello Charlie. I wish there were more values-driven businesses like this. I particularly love the cheat sheets - they're fact based, educational and downright useful - having the personally tried, tested and recommended products available in one place has saved me significant time and money. Overall, Vanessa and team's generously shared knowledge has made my family's journey to less toxic living much easier and more enjoyable. Thanks!
RAH (14 November 2017)

I am a huge fan of Hello Charlie. I wish there were more values-driven businesses like this. I particularly love the cheat sheets - they're fact based, educational and downright useful - having the personally tried, tested and recommended products available in one place has saved me significant time and money. Overall, Vanessa and team's generously shared knowledge has made my family's journey to less toxic living much easier and more enjoyable - thank you for facilitating this positive change for your customers at scale. It is appreciated.
Rowan H (13 November 2017)

My family was desperate for more Soothe and my usual store is sold out so thought I’d buy from you and wowee, great service! Very quick and efficient. Thanks so much for providing such a great service 
Ms A (November 2017)

The toddler sunglasses arrived today, my little boy was very happy! Thank you very much for your swift and generous way of dealing with this issue. I appreciate not having to do an extra trip to the post office; it can be tricky with two little ones. I love your store and will continue supplying my family with products from you!
AD (November 2017)

Wow! I am so appreciative of the effort you and Vanessa have gone to and the generous consolation you have provided.
This kind of service is so rare and sorely missed. I can’t wait to tell friends and family of your dedication to customer satisfaction. It really makes for a pleasant shopping experience.
Once again I am thrilled with all the other items purchased and I look forward to continuing to support your company.
JW (November 2017)

Your website is a life saver. My 2nd baby has eczema now and i find your website very informative with all chemicals in the products. It makes it so much easier for me to shop from one place and knowing they are more natural. Since switching to bamboo nappies and binning sudocream, his nappy rash is finally improving. 
MB (November 2017)

I shop from here all the time. The bulk deals on Bambo Nature nappies have been a godsend, as well as the cheat sheets on the blog. Packages arrive on time or earlier and it is great to find quality ethical brands all on one webpage
Z Whittingstall (27 October 2017)

Smooth straightforward purchase with good communication and fast delivery. Thank you!
Krista SJ (4 October 2017)

Ordered from here because they are also in Metro Melbourne and expected next day delivery because everyone said they have speedy delivery. Waiting for a recommended $99 vaporizer for my sick girl and 2 days later I receive the shipping notice for delivery TOMORROW. Not impressed - will not be ordering again.
Dee S (11 September 2017)

Thank you so much for all the time you have spent researching and creating the cheat sheets, I refer to them all the time! I love your website and all of the wonderful products you have available. I have learnt a lot from your blog and really enjoy reading your books informative articles.
CA (September 2017)

Just wanted to say great blog and website, been very helpful for a first time mum to be on what products to buy.... so frustrating the amount of "natural" products that are out there with hidden nasties!!
CL (September 2017)

I have just now placed my first order, which includes your eco disposable nappy sample pack. I am hugely impressed by this, as I really want to try using eco disposable nappies, but didn't want the expense, and potential waste, of buying full sized packs. I have also enjoyed reading your cheat sheets on nappies, wipes and nappy creams. Another thing that I have found impressive, is your personal touch and your attention to new customers. It has been lovely to get your emails and 
actually have personal contact with your office.
Thank you for having such a thoughtful and helpful business. I will definitely be back!
LJ (September 2017)

Really fast delivery (the next day) if you order before 10am, it's impressive! I also like the fact that you can order nappies sample to be sure to make the right choice! 
Moltex nappies are great!
Marie CB (11 August 2017)

I adore Hello Charlie-started buying items for my kids when they were babies and haven't stopped and they're 3 and 5. I get my beauty and household cleaning products there now. Love Vanessa's advice on the safety of products too, it's balanced and fact based
J Denton (29 July 2017)

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for making all your research so accessible. I really value how easy to access, easy to read and well researched your information is. I've loved your info on baby wipes, sunscreen and nappies. It makes making the best choices for my baby that much easier. Thank you again.
Alison M (April 2017)

I have been purchasing from Hello Charlie since the start or 2015 and I just wanted to give you some feedback on my experience. I first came across your online store when considering which nappies we would use for the upcoming birth of our first baby. My mum and I took that task quite seriously so we got lots of samples and did some testing of which held the most water! The sample packs we used led us to your Bambo Nature nappies. We have since had a second child, so have been using the nappies 
continuously since the then. We have made our ways through sizes 1-5 then back again we went. I just wanted to thank you so much not only for the amazing product (we could rave all day about them because they really are that good- we even added a review to your site earlier today), but we also want to thank you for the efficiency with which you send them. One of my initial hesitations in purchasing them was that doing it online meant I had to be extra organised and couldn't run out, and also they were more costly than common nappy brans (which I can't even name because they are so awful!). I'm so happy with the choice we made because they have been worth every sent, and we have literally had our order dispatched within hours of me ordering every single time.
I just thought after three years of great service that I would send you an email to pass that on. Discovering those nappies has led me on to many other great products and helpful cheat sheets on your site and opened our family up to being more discerning in the products that we chose- to our benefit! So many thanks!
PC (January 2017)

Since discovering Bambo nappies on Hello Charlie I have been hooked. I now order all the natural products I need through their easy to navigate website. I absolutely love that if you order before 10am they dispatch the same day as often I have left it to the last minute to order nappies! They've been so friendly and helpful when I put an order in after 10am too and still sent it out that same day. Great website with wonderful products and friendly/helpful people.
Anonymous (January 2017)

Quick to send out and their online chat helped me get a response to my question within seconds!! 
Erina was very helpful and professional!
UmSu Sydney (19 July 2016)

I stumbled across Hello Charlie when googling for Eco friendly nappies and I've never looked back. I absolutely love the research that is put behind all the products and truly value it. It's so hard to know what is and isn't full of crap these days in all our products and Hello Charlie takes the guessing game out of it. I also believe the prices on this website are very competitive. I don't feel like I'm being ripped off like a lot of 'health' stores do. Also the loyalty points and bulk discount is an extra bonus which makes me feel 'loved'! Shipping is very fast and the site is easy to navigate through. Can't recommend this website enough!
Jessica T (3 June 2016)

This store has been great for ordering and delivery of my eco nappies online. They are so fast with their deliveries it is so handy, especially when you don't realise you are almost out of nappies until they are just about all gone. They have a great range of eco and natural products online as well. Very happy with their service.
R Melbourne (5 May 2016)

I love purchasing from hello Charlie! Acure products are the bomb! My skin has never been so amazing, hydrated and soft! Throughout pregnancy and beyond! I have just purchased baby products including Charlie banana cotton wipes to make my own wipes for bubs using your quick guides on your website. I also have acure baby buns cream and can't wait to share my experiences with using these on bubs. Hello Charlie is easy to purchase from and quick to deliver! Love shopping with you and will continue to do so xoxo
Rebecca W (29 January 2016)

These ladies are lovely. They are polite, informative and efficient! They ensure timely dispatch of goods. When the delivery company failed to deliver on time, they gave me a credit of the delivery fee for my next shop with them. Aside from the information they have online, I needed more information on nappy changing and preventing rash and she happily obliged.
SN (20 December 2015)

Amazing service and carry fantastic products. Shipping was so efficient and quick, even for us up here in the regional northwest! Wish all companies could be this amazing!
S Conway (8 October 2015)

5 star customer service! Thank you so much for sending my aroma bloom diffuser so quickly. Next day delivery.
Melissa S (4 June 2015)

Great products and Super fast delivery (bought Sunday received Tuesday) to Country Victoria. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again. Thank you!!
S Brown (5 May 2015)

I found this website while searching for eco/organic baby products. I wrote directly to Hello Charlie because I had a few general questions and was very happy with the prompt response I received. I placed an order on Good Friday and my package was delivered today. Couldn't be happier. Fantastic site. Fantastic products. Fantastic customer service.
Mumma Nat Caves Beach (8 April 2015)

So hard to find safe products for your little one in today's "plastic" world. 'Hello, Charlie!' has great choices so you can steer away from the nasties.
Andrea NB (26 February 2015)

I love these guys. We've been ordering eco nappies and other products from them since we had our first bub and now we're onto number two I'm sticking with them. They're extremely friendly, always helpful and have even unexpectedly rewarded us for our loyalty with a really decent discount one time. I highly recommend this company. I'll basically keep on shopping with them until I can't find anything to buy from them anymore!
Tikers (14 November 2014)

Great service! A store full of lovely products and friendly staff that go the extra mile 
M Chalmers (21 June 2014)

I have had nothing but great experiences with hello Charlie. They stock all the baby products I love and need. I've been shopping with them for over a year now and have never had a negative experience. I love that they have cheat sheets as well comparing some of the different Eco baby brands, it makes choosing items very easy.
HollyCat (7 February 2014)

I ordered a few things from HC for Christmas presents; one item ended up not being in stock so they rang me and asked whether i wanted to substitute something else. i explained what i wanted and picked another product out, then they rang back when they realised the product i picked out wasn't exactly what i was after and we found something else that was more suitable. 
The online chat is helpful when you need to ask specifics about items.
KatieB98 NSW (7 December 2012)

Hello Charlie was excellent to shop with. Easy ordering, fast turn around and great customer service. When I had a question about a certain product I was able to message them through their online chat and they came back to me within seconds with the answer. The products were great quality too!
Michelle S. M (13 August 2012)