Toys for 6 months old

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Boon Fleet


Running out of Tupperware because it's all in the bath? No more! Boon Fleet's set of five stackable boats are perfect for creating a deluge at bathtime. Scoop up the water on Fleet's wide decks, and pour away to your heart's content. Holes in the boats...

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Boon Pipes


Who said plumbing was boring? Boon adds cool to bath time with this great set of leaky pipes! Scoop, pour, swirl. The Boon Pipes is a 5 piece bath toy that can be used individually or fitted together to make a watery bathtime chain. Pipes suction to the...

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Green Toys

Green Toys Submarine


Green Toys provide the ultimate in eco friendly toys. The sunny yellow cabin of this submarine toy will delight your toddler! Embark on a nautical journey to help protect their planet. Submerge it underwater to explore the terrain at the bottom of the...

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